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We all benefit from better transit

The world of transit benefits is broken. Our platform provides a simplified solution for employees, robust management for HR Admins, and full transparency for transit agencies.

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Trusted by world-class organizations

across the transit ecosystem

Powering transit for all

We work directly with transit agencies to ensure the best possible experience for employees and companies.

Employee Riders

Access to every bus, subway, bike, and scooter through the Jawnt platform.

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HR Teams

Track key metrics and usage to reduce program administration time.

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Transit Agencies

Win ridership leveraging Jawnt's business-to-business-to-rider platform.

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Clear structure, classes
and perfected builds.
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We work hard to make your life easy.


"Yay holy moly this was so easy for a tech-challenged 60 year old!" - Randi, Employee / Transit Rider


“It’s such a joy to work with you… THANK YOU” - Benefits & Wellness Leader

Transit Agencies

"Improving our relationships with employers is something we've wanted to do for a long time and now Jawnt is making it a reality. We couldn't be more thrilled to be partnering with them!” - GM, Mobility Provider

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Streamlined benefits enrollment

Software to encourage transit signup and benefit education to help employees get what they need.

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