for Employees

Getting you to work

Access all transit options in your city, helping you get to work faster, cheaper, and greener.


What it means for you

🌱 Sustainable Living

One bus takes the place of 20-30 cars in terms of reducing CO2 emissions.

🚂 Tax Savings

Pay for transit out of pre-tax earnings, saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

🤸 Discounted Rates

We work directly with transit providers to get you the best possible rate.

🛴 Public transit, bikes, scooters, and more

Ever wanted to try bike share or scooters? We offer support for both large public transit providers and regional bike share, as well as other forms of micro transit.


Your ticket to ride.

Get where you need to go.


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Frequent Questions

How does Jawnt make my life easier?

With Jawnt, you don’t worry about the burden of getting to work and around your city - trains, buses, and bikes are all available to you.

Why should my employer offer transit benefits?

Transit benefits help with both attracting and retaining employees - important to all organizations these days. In addition, there are also pre-tax benefits for employers - they can save money by providing these benefits!

Can I use Jawnt even if my employer does not?

Unfortunately today, Jawnt must be provided by your employer. Let them know you’re interested in Jawnt!