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Learn about jawnt at San Antonio’s car-free Siclovia Festival!

jawnt will be there with San Antonio BCycle, encouraging San Antonio residents who are interested in employee-sponsored bikeshare benefits to fill out our interest form.


Why employers and employees are interested in SEPTA Key Advantage

We worked with SEPTA to launch the interest form for the new SEPTA Key Advantage program. As a part of the form, users were asked to share more about themselves, their role and company, and why this was important to them. Here are some of the highlights.


jawnt Announces Partnership with SEPTA to Scale Key Advantage and Enable Employers to Provide Free Commutes

jawnt, in partnership with SEPTA and other mobility providers, increases access to the city and eases return-to-office initiatives through a better transit benefit


How we are working with SEPTA to launch the SEPTA Key Advantage employee benefit program

jawnt has been working with SEPTA to bring this program out of its pilot phase into general availability. For employers looking to sign up for SEPTA Key Advantage, or employees who’d like to advocate for their company to participate, we’re excited to announce that they can sign up using the interest form we built with SEPTA.


Tips on effectively administering an employee transit benefit

Companies with shift-based workers and those with office workers returning after a pandemic hiatus may both find themselves considering providing transit benefits.


What employers need to know about transit benefits in Philadelphia

New legislation has passed in Philadelphia requiring employers of 50+ employees to provide a commuter transit benefit to their employees as of January 1, 2023.


Philadelphia is leading the way in providing transit benefits to employees

Philadelphia mandates that all employers of 50+ employees must provide transit benefits.


The case for providing mobility and transit to your employees

It’s a golden opportunity for organizations to offer their employees a better mobility solution: one that enables effortless and stress-free from home to work and everywhere in between, that can encourage team members to work in the office again, greatly boost environmental sustainability goals, and ultimately improve quality-of-life and employee retention.


Providing better access to Philadelphia through unified transit

I believe in a future where you don’t need to depend on a car to get around. It’s well understood that if less people are depending on cars, then there will be less congestion on our streets and less pollution in our air.