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All Aboard: New Integrated Reporting

All Aboard: New Integrated Reporting

Read on to discover the reports available to organizations that provide transit benefits via Jawnt.

Ruth Miller
February 7, 2024

Welcome to the first post in a new series exploring how Jawnt is applying feedback from our close client partnerships to enhance our platform and improve transit benefits for all users.

It’s only natural that our first post would focus on reporting, because most organizations we work with have existing requirements around how they present their data. Read on to discover the reports available to organizations that provide transit benefits via Jawnt.

Out-of-the box reports

All organizations get access to three standard reports in CSV format.

Enrollments by member

How much money has each member requested be withheld from their paycheck each month? For smaller organizations, this is all the information they need to handle payroll deductions.

Enrollments by benefit

What specific benefits has each member enrolled to receive? For organizations that offer multiple benefit options, this report gives a clear picture of what each member has signed up to receive. It also supports both pre-tax and post-tax benefit deductions.

Global report

This report is an export of all information stored by Jawnt about all of your organization’s members. This includes contact information and eligibility status. Clients use this to verify records and troubleshoot.

Meeting each organization where they’re at

Larger organizations typically use payroll systems or other enterprise software that require certain fields be formatted in a specific way. Others have more complex policies, such as carrying over credits or adjusting costs based on their own policies.

Every Jawnt client can request three custom reports for free, beyond the three standard ones above. Our Customer Success team works closely with each client, with the goal of ensuring that we’re minimizing administrative hassle.

Reports on demand

All the reports discussed above are available “on-demand” through the Jawnt platform as a comma-separated variable (CSV) file. With the click of a button, the requested report is sent to the administrator’s email address. 

Some of our clients have concerns about sending personally identifiable information via email, and for them we manage delivery through private folders via the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to ensure member information remains safe and secure.

What reports does your organization need?

Jawnt can support any organization’s reporting requirements, and is here to talk through your organization's specific requirements. Reach out to us here!


Ruth Miller

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