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Benefit Provider Comparison: Jawnt vs. Edenred
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Benefit Provider Comparison: Jawnt vs. Edenred

There are plenty of service providers that offer transportation and commuter benefits to employees–we happen to think Jawnt is the best, but if you’re considering other vendors, like Edenred, keep reading for a few key differentiators.

Jawnt Team

Looking for transit benefits? You’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of service providers that offer transportation and commuter benefits to employees–we happen to think Jawnt is the best, but if you’re considering other vendors, like Edenred, keep reading for a few key differentiators. 

We’re serious about transit

While some benefits solutions cover every possible employee expense under the sun, Jawnt focuses solely on transit. We know your employees take their commute seriously, and so do we. Edenred offers things like meal vouchers, fuel cards, employee gifting services and corporate payment cards–which can sound enticing. But in our discussions with other HR administrators and experts, we find that all-in-one platforms rarely prioritize transit, instead focusing on things like FSAs and gym memberships. 

With Jawnt, transit benefits are more than just checking a box–getting your employees where they’re going is our whole mission. If you’re frustrated with offering transit benefits that none of your employees use (or you’re looking for a pure transit benefits program), Jawnt is the platform for you. Our clients have seen their enrollment rates markedly increase when switching to Jawnt from a competitor. 

Partnerships with transit agencies = more savings for your employees

Because Jawnt takes commuter benefits so seriously, we work directly with transit agencies to make sure your employees are getting the best offers on whatever mode of transportation they choose to get to work. For instance, in Philadelphia, our partnership with SEPTA and their Key Advantage program allows us to offer steeply discounted transit passes (85% off retail) for your employees. A monthly pass that would usually cost $200+ under this program costs ~$28. This cost can be split with your employees and we handle the deductions. Local transit partnerships also allow us to keep abreast of current and upcoming pre-tax benefit mandates, making it easier for your organization to stay compliant with local regulations. 

Enabling employee choices

We know that commutes are personal, and employees can take many different routes to get to work. That’s why we work with a wide variety of transit providers–for instance, in the Philly area we work with SEPTA, Amtrak, New Jersey Transit, PATCO, and more! Additionally, we work with transit providers that typically aren’t part of most transit benefits programs, like Philly’s  Indego bike share program, so your bike-riding employees can still save money. If you’re trying to ease parking demands on your campus, or help your company be greener and more sustainable, there’s now no reason not to incentivize bike riders as well. 

Support you can count on

Commuting can be stressful–your commuter benefits platform shouldn’t be. Jawnt is used by employees but loved by HR, in large part because of our responsive, local, and–most importantly–very human support team. Whether it’s by chat, email, or phone, we’re here to help employers and employees alike. If a member of your organization has a question about their benefits, take it off your to-do list, and give them our number instead.

Our support services don’t just stop at the Jawnt platform, but include our transit partners as well. Having trouble activating a SEPTA card? We can help with that, too! Jawnt has an entire support page dedicated to these and other issues that may pop up, and we proactively notify anyone who is in danger of missing out on a benefit. Less friction means more employees using their benefits on transit, and that’s a win for everyone. We won’t keep you waiting, either– our average response time is under 10 minutes.  

Easy integrations

An HR tech stack is a delicate thing, and we don’t want to mess with yours! Jawnt integrates with all popular HR benefits platforms–like ADP, bambooHR, Gusto, Justworks, Square, Trinet and Workday If your integration isn’t set up to work with Jawnt, you can simply send us your HR roster via flat file over SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), and we will provide you with both the documentation and the server for your team to be able to transfer an updated HR roster on a regular basis. (Have questions about integrations? Chat with our sales team here!)

Want to learn more about bringing Jawnt to your company? Meet with our team!

Jawnt Team

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