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 Jawnt’s 2023 Commuter Gift Guide

Jawnt’s 2023 Commuter Gift Guide

Share the gift of a more enjoyable commute this holiday season.

Jawnt Team
December 11, 2023

Need a last-minute holiday gift for the cyclist or transit lover in your life? You’ve come to the right place. From headphones and bike locks, to fanny packs and sneakers, the Jawnt team has pulled together its top essentials for a happy and stress-free (and, of course, fashionable) commute.  

Steel-O-Chain 5805K Key Chain Lock

Available at Backcountry ($42.99)

“I struggled for years to get my U-lock to fit around whatever post or fixture I could find, thinking a chain lock was only for ‘serious bike people.’ I'm so glad I switched, because it's light enough to toss around my neck but sturdy enough for peace of mind.”

-Ruth Miller, Senior Product Manager

Kryptonite Keeper 585 Combo Folding Lock

Available at Incycle ($91.95)

“In Philly - or any city - you can never have too many bike locks.”

-Leo Walsh, Senior Customer Success Manager

Austrian Audio Hi-X15 Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones

Available at Sweetwater ($119)

“I guess I'm a Luddite, but I still like over-ear, wired headphones, and these are the best! Comfortable, really nice sound quality, and not crazy expensive for how nice they are.”

-Caitlin Van Horn, Senior Marketing Manager

AirBell Bicycle Bell for Apple Air Tag

Available on Amazon ($15.99)

“I wanted to put an AirTag on my bike, but was worried about it being obvious and getting thrown away. This bell offers a nice, discreet hiding place (and the bell actually works).”

-Ruth Miller, Senior Product Manager

Apple Airpods (2nd Generation) Wireless Ear Buds

Available on Amazon ($99)

Available at Apple ($129)

“A necessity for any commute. AirPod Pros don't stay in my ear so I always have a backup pair of the old ones for when I inevitably lose them!”

-Andreas Mazarakis, Sales Associate 

The Metro Kick Scooter

Available at LaScoota ($79.99 - originally $120)

“For anyone who just wants to feel like a kid again.”

-Leo Walsh, Senior Customer Success Manager

Loose Fit Washed Duck Sherpa-Lined Mock-Neck Vest

Available at Carhartt ($79.99-$89.99)

“These vests are durable and offer warmth without restricting movement during the daily commute. Great for those who prefer to layer over wearing a bulky jacket.”

-Edwin Rivas Salguero, Customer Success Associate

Owala FreeSip Insulated Water Bottle

Available on Amazon (Various sizes, $22-$37)

“I love water bottles with straws, but they’re impossible to toss in a bag or backpack without leaking. These water bottles have built-in straws with push-button lids for easy sips and leak-free travel.”

-Kristin Musulin, Communications & PR

Unisex LED Light Up Shoes

Available on Amazon ($39.98)

“I live in Boston where the evening commute happens in the pitch dark all winter long. Finding fun ways to be visible keeps some of the winter gloom away.”

-Ruth Miller, Senior Product Manager

Transit Agency Merch

Fanny Pack available at The SEPTA Store ($16.95)

Hat available at The SEPTA Store ($15.95)

“I think the swag speaks for itself.”

-Leo Walsh, Senior Customer Success Manager

Jawnt Team

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