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What is SEPTA Key Advantage?

SEPTA Key Advantage is an employer-based, all-access benefit program.

Once enrolled in SEPTA Key Advantage, a monthly all-access pass is loaded onto employees’ Key cards on the first of every month. As its name suggests, the all-access pass is always valid and on all SEPTA services. Like any benefit program, employers would include 100% of their employees regardless of whether all employees fully utilize this benefit.

Employers can purchase passes for their organization, starting with a 6-month introductory period.

"This program makes me feel like I'm getting a raise! I'm so glad my employer signed up for it!"
- Trish, Key Advantage Participant and new SEPTA Rider


Ready to learn more about SEPTA Key Advantage? Here are answers to some common questions.

How do I register my company for the SEPTA Key Advantage program?
Are there restrictions on when and where I can use my SEPTA Key Advantage pass? 
Is there a special card needed for this program? 
What happens to any existing funds on someone’s Travel Wallet?
How much will this cost my company?
What happens after the six-month period is up?
What if I have employees over the age of 65?

About jawnt


One Platform

We work with mobility providers to provide benefits and access relevant to your organization. We serve as the liaison between you and all of the providers.

A Better Benefit

Organizations provide employees with cash to spend through jawnt – most choose to fully or partially cover the cost of transit up to a certain amount.

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Employees select exactly what they need and we get them moving. We take care of getting them the access they need and can help with commute planning.

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We make life easy by fully integrating with your payroll system to simplify payment and help your team take advantage of the pre-tax and post-tax savings.