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Benefit Provider Comparison: Jawnt vs. Alice
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Benefit Provider Comparison: Jawnt vs. Alice

Both Jawnt and Alice offer commuter benefits, but there are some key differences, outlined below.

Jawnt Team

When it comes to commuter benefits, we know there are a lot of options out there. At Jawnt, our goal is to help your employees get to work easily and sustainably. Both Jawnt and Alice offer commuter benefits, but there are some key differences, outlined below. 

Deep transit partnerships

Alice allows your employees to allocate pre-tax dollars for commuting services. Jawnt goes a step further by partnering directly with subway, train, bike share, and parking operators to secure further reduced rates.

SEPTA has chosen to work directly with Jawnt to support their Key Advantage program, which reduces the monthly pass from $200 to $28. You can read more about our partnership here. This cost can be split with your employees and we handle the deductions.

Additionally, we work with transit providers that aren’t part of typical pre-tax commuter benefits programs, like the Indego bike share program. Our negotiated rate with Indego actually surpasses the savings you would see even with a pre-tax benefit. This piece is elective and can also be paid for by employee, employer, or as a blend. We save employees money on transportation and companies money on payroll taxes, while increasing ridership for transit agencies. Win-win-win!

Top-tier support

Whether by chat or by email, rest assured that you’re always talking to a human with Jawnt support. Edwin, Leo and the team are real people–not chatbots or automated responses. Our team can help both you and your employees navigate card activation and troubleshooting, pricing, account history and more–just ask! Our average response time is under ten minutes.

Not only that, but our support team works directly with transit providers like SEPTA, meaning less friction for onboarding employees and employers. Jawnt has an entire support page dedicated to these and other issues that may pop up, and we proactively notify anyone who is in danger of missing out on their benefit.

Easy migration

Moving to Jawnt from another benefits platform? We make migration easy and fast. All an HR admin needs to provide the Jawnt team are the benefits being offered, the employer subsidy per benefit, and a roster file. Jawnt can also work with your IT team in order to implement single sign-on (SSO) for employees, which cuts employee enrollment time in half. In a crunch? We can onboard your organization within a few days, if needed. 

Interested in seeing what Jawnt can do for your organization? Schedule a demo today!

Jawnt Team

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