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Meet the Team: Edwin Rivas Salguero

Meet the Team: Edwin Rivas Salguero

Meet Customer Service Associate, Edwin Rivas Salguero

Jawnt Team
March 13, 2024

You might recognize him from our Jawnt Pass photos, or if you've reached out to our support team (yes, that's really him!). Meet Customer Service Associate Edwin RIvas Salguero!

Where are you based, Edwin?
Philadelphia and New Jersey.

How do you get around where you live?
I live in NJ, and getting around where I live involves various transportation modes. My commute to work is via NJ Transit, taking the 414 bus to our office at One Penn Center. I often travel to my hometown Brooklyn, NY via Greyhound Buses, and getting around locally involves biking and occasional driving.

How long have you been on the Jawnt team?
I’ve been with Jawnt for 6 months and 2 days

How would you describe your role?
My role at Jawnt is to provide customers and organizations with resources that answer enrollment questions or any related concerns.

What is your favorite thing to help Jawnt customers with?
My favorite thing to help Jawnt customers with is guiding someone through the enrollment process. Hearing someone’s excitement of getting enrolled and knowing that they will be able to use their commuter benefit is truly rewarding.

What do you hope to see in the future of transit & commuting?
I hope to see a future of transit and commuting that prioritizes accessibility, and efficiency. I envision cities where public transportation is truly reliable, affordable, and environmentally friendly with expanded options of transportation, such as more bike lanes and more pedestrian-friendly streets.

What have you been listening to or reading during your commute lately?
Podcasts have been my top choice during my commute for years now, currently really enjoying Hidden Brain, Radio Ambulante, The Moth, and Planet Money.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Growing up, I really wanted to be a police officer. I thought police technology and patrol cars were the coolest thing in the world.

What’s the last thing you taught yourself?
I completed a Data Analytics course recently, which taught me a ton of tech stuff. Truly opened my world to the rapid tech innovations taking place all around us.

Jawnt Team

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